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Full Loft Bed

Struggling to find the right full-size loft bed? We offer full loft beds with open space underneath for a sitting area to hang out with friends.

For a study area, we have a full-size loft bed with a desk, or if you need drawer space, we have a full-size loft bed with storage. Whether you’re looking for kids or teens, or even need a full-size loft bed for adults, we have you covered.

Different Varieties of Full Loft Beds

At The Bean Bag Store, you will come across a wide range of loft beds variations. Here you will find the latest designs of full loft beds with a castle, tunnel, tent, desk, staircase, slide, multiple storage compartments, and more.

For Babies and Kids

You can choose an exciting tunnel or castle loft beds with slides. Your little one will love this fairytale theme full-size loft bed.

Such beds are specially designed in the shape of a castle that has a dome-like roof with a staircase attached and a slide coming out from a tower.

For Teenagers

You can go for a full loft bed with lots of storage compartments that can store their toys, stationery items, books, clothes, and more.

Full-size loft beds without storage are fun too. Put a lamp, a small indoor plant, a bean bag, a table, and chairs underneath the bed that can be pulled out or put back as per the need.

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