Full over Full Bunk Beds

Full over Full Bunk Beds

Full over full bunk beds are often used for kids or teenagers sharing a room. They feature a bed on both top and bottom bunks giving you extra space to stretch out.

Our full-size bunk beds come in several different finishes and offer the choice of metal or wood materials. If an additional sleeping space is needed, most have twin trundle options as well as under bed drawers for storage.

Benefits of Full over Full Bunk Beds

Choosing the right bed for your kid can be overwhelming. A bunk bed is an ideal choice for a kid's room. The sturdy frame of such beds can easily accommodate even a fully grown adult.

They offer a comfortable sleeping arrangement and help you utilize your floor space. These fun full over full bunk beds offer various advantages:

Additional Storage

Many bunk beds come with extra storage compartments that are excellent to keep your kid's books, clothing, toys, and other accessories.

Space Saving

Kids who share rooms with their siblings and have two individual beds get no room for other furniture. With a full over full bunk bed, you get two beds in the space of one leaving plenty of room for extra cabinets.


Purchasing an independent bed for each kid can be expensive. These bunk beds are very cost-effective when compared to buying two separate beds.


As a kid, sharing a bed can be tough sometimes, especially when you have limited space. Having a full over full bunk bed allows them to have fun and sleepover every night.

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