Full Size Loft Bed with Stairs

Full Size Loft Bed with Stairs

Combining safety and sleeping space is the basis of a full-size stairway storage loft bed. Up top is a full bed with room underneath for a desk or dresser, and stairs on the end. This makes getting into the bed safe and easy.

Most stairs feature storage in each step. We also have a full-size low loft bed with stairs. It offers all the convenience of a full loft bed with stairs, but at a lower height.

Your Ultimate Space Saver

Our full-size stairway storage loft bed helps small spaces to transform into a multi-purpose room to match your lifestyle. Due to its sleek design of high-quality metal or termite resistance wooden bed frames, you can actually save a lot of space without cutting on your personal style.

You can easily transform your living space into a spacious guest room to accommodate more people or turn a confined studio apartment into a fully functional home office. 

Unmatched Durability

Built from high-quality and heavy-duty frames, our full-size stairway storage loft beds have been tested under various quality control. Thanks to our ultra-modern design it can withstand massive weight limits and easily accommodate two average adults.

Sleep in Style

Full-size stairway storage loft beds are more than just a piece of furniture. Our team of experts has developed multiple modern and convenient loft bed designs that look great and match with any interior.

Available in various shapes and sizes, our loft beds are very safe and most importantly practical for a small space. Choose from a wide range of designs to experience a luxury sleep.

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