1930's Deco Console Radio

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Realizing he could sell more radios by providing quality entertainment, Crosley developed WLW, the world's most powerful radio station.It's rumored that the station could be heard at times as far away as Australia. Crosley's station broadcast a gamut of programming but reached its 500,000-watt peak in 1932 when President Franklin D. Roosevelt first flipped the gold plated switch from the White House to transmit his Fireside Chats. At that time, the impressive Deco Console Radio was a common fixture in homes nationwide. As American As baseball and root beer floats, this furniture styled piece was as functional as it was fabulous. It is handcrafted of solid hardwoods and veneers and is true renowned design is true to tradition with an AM/FM radio and three speed turntable discreetly hidden under the hinged top lid, yet adds a dose of modern technology with a fully functioning CD player. 19"W x 26"D x 37"H
Dimensions: 19"W x 26"D x 37"H

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