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One of our favorite products! This is the deluxe set with more pieces and
more possibilities. Magnetic elements work on refrigerators or magnetic
whiteboards for classroom use. Chutes, rails, swinging buckets, and
funnels make for an endless array of tracks. This award-winning product
is also a great way to learn about inertia, gravity, cause and effect, balance,
etc. But we love it because it is just plain fun! Age: 7 years plus
fornigate Discontinued, sorry Please see our FRIDGIGEARS

Turn a plain refrigerator into a kinetic playground for marbles and magnets! Chutes, rails,
spinning buckets, and funnels are the conduit for marble surfing on the vertical plain.
This award-winning product will send a marble through the space program as it tests for
inertia, gravity and accuracy!

1- Swinging Bucket
1- Ferris Wheel
1- Catch Box
2- 6" Rails
2- 8" Rails
12- Marbles
fornigate End of September SALE! $30.00 plus S&H

FRIDGIGEARS....a moving experience that's way fun
Gear up for the refrigerator magnets that really move! Children delight in this cool toy that let's them
create moving works of art ~ on the refrigerator! The large motorized gear, which drives the other gears,
doubles as a picture frame for your favorite photograph. With its "tap on/tap off" function, a single push
of this gear sets things in motion! Easy to use, each of the Fridgigears magnetically adhere to the door,
creating a safe, fun and educational sculpture with absolutely no mess or clean up! Kids can attach their
drawings onto the fridge using Fridgigears as a colorful kinetic frame, or they can simply create their very
own artistic statement using over 20 individual gears! For even more excitement, they can add wild graphics
to the gears with the included neon colored stickers!
fornigate End of September SALE! $42.00 plus S&H


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